About Fjallhalsan

Fjällhälsan is a private health centre run on a non-profit basis by an economic association owned by the population. 

The health center is located in Hede about 2 miles from Vemdalen and about 6 miles from Funäsdalen and here we have gathered many competencies under the same roof such as BVC, MVC, physiotherapy, psychosocial unit etc. We also have our own lab and X-rays. 

Our healthcentre in Hede is situated close to one of Sweden's largest ski areas - Destination Vemdalen. The nearest hospital is 150 km away in Östersund, so we take care of many acute conditions that normally end up in emergency departments, and orthopaedic injuries make up a large part of our work during the winter.

Smaller branches are located in Vemdalen village and Lillhärdal, and during the winter season we have hill doctors in Björnrike, Tänndalen and Ramundberget. 

We are a strong and competent staff group of about 35 employees with many years of experience in primary care. Together, we make a difference for our primary area of about 3,300 people, which increases tenfold during the winter season.